Cyber War: Is Your Organization Battle Ready?

In the wake of repeated cyber attacks on Equifax showing how in demand and vulnerable, our data is to the bad guys…cybersecurity has made it to the top of every executive, business owner and Board members list.

What can you do to protect yourself and your business?

I reconnected with David Finn noted cybersecurity expert, COO, of AppEsteem and former Executive Director of Microsoft Cybercrime center to get his reaction to Equifax’s recent data breach issues. Here’s what he had to say;

“The Equifax fiasco demonstrates, once again, that few organizations are beyond the reach of hackers – even one whose business is built entirely on data credibility and security, and promotes its expertise in fraud prevention and data breach management. And it teaches us that the savviest executives go to work every day recognizing that a serious security compromise is not a question of if, but when.

The repeated stumbles by Equifax in the wake of the breach also reaffirms the importance of comprehensive crisis preparation and readiness. Cybersecurity is hard – and even harder in an emergency. When executives hunker down after a breach, fail to respond to media and public inquiries in a timely and responsible way, and somehow lose focus on the 143 million victims of their own egregious security errors, the fallout can be devastating.”

You can find out more about David Finn at:

Listen in as Kelli unpacks cyber terrorism with noted cybersecurity expert, David Finn, COO, of AppEsteem and former Executive Director of Microsoft Cybercrime center.

Listen below:  25 minutes, 12 seconds


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