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Founding Principal

The catalyst behind a modern approach to leadership, performance and profit.

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Kelli McCauley is a leadership consultant, executive coach, facilitator and speaker who works exclusively with high-potential leaders in sales-performance driven industries. As an expert in improving leadership effectiveness and bottom line performance, Kelli works with the best and brightest industry leaders, executives, sales management teams and their key stakeholders.

By using highly regarded leadership and coaching programs, Kelli and her team are able to help clients identify, retain and maximize employee talent for increased growth, leadership and profitability. Kelli works closely with her clients to generate fast track success, while avoiding burn-out and maintaining balance.

Her expertise includes high potential leadership effectiveness and development programs, talent identification and grooming, and successor planning, identification and development.

Through initiating proven leadership strategies, Kelli’s clients realize outstanding performance in short periods of time. Her work is founded in research on what separates star performers from average and leadership principles developed at Harvard University. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, she incorporates measurement tools such as SPQ*Gold (Sales Call Reluctance), 360-degree feedback reports, LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory), and many other best in class assessments.

Clients of McCauley & Co. continue to report breakthrough results in their business objectives, combined with increased levels of Emotional Intelligence, promotability and satisfaction.

As you can see, Kelli’s passion is partnering with leaders and helping them achieve their full potential. In addition to having a highly rewarding career, Kelli is an avid skier and lover of world culture. Bali, Thailand, Italy, Zimbabwe and Botswana are a sampling of some of the favorite places she’s traveled to with her husband, Steven M. Kress.

“Kelli has done an exceptional job for GAMA coaching on our 360  leadership assessment. She provides this coaching as part of our  Essentials of Leadership & Management program. She also worked with  us on a special project for one of our member companies who used our  organizational climate assessment. The company, and even more  importantly, the agency leaders she worked with gave her rave reviews.  One of the key strengths with McCauley & Company is that they can  integrate competency, leadership style, and emotional intelligence  assessments into performance coaching. There are many companies strong  in performance coaching, but without the experience in the  leadership/interpersonal component and others with assessment knowledge,  but without agency performance experience. I’ve found very few who can  do both. With Kelli’s team, you get the whole package. If there is any  other information I can provide, please let me know.”


Deb Grommons
Senior Director of Professional Development
GAMA International