Leadership Effectiveness

The Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders Program

Our flagship program, Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders, runs for one full year, is designed for a minimum of 12 participants and is custom-tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs. Based upon a time-honored success formula that takes root in extensive research conducted by the Harvard Business School in conjunction with the Harvard University Psychology Department, our Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders program produces remarkable results. We continue to refine and develop portions of this program to meet the fluctuating needs of today’s highly competitive market.

At the core of this program lie the following research-backed assertions:

  • 90% of star performers display high emotional intelligence
  • 70% of the organizations, teams or divisions success is tied directly to the leader
  • 28% and more, is the upside difference on bottom line results when a good climate is compared to an average climate

Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders delivers a highly focused, high touch and proven process that creates immediate and measurable results for leaders who want to achieve their professional and organizational best. Our objective is to quickly identify the areas that will most powerfully and positively impact the success of the organization as well as the individual.

Program Components:

  • Identification of high-impact, high-performing and under-performing areas for participants and their team
  • Three day offsite meeting with group, includes pertinent leadership theory, experiential learning, assessment debrief and harvesting of best practices
  • Structured 12-month coaching/strategic alignment process
  • Personalized suite of leadership assessments
  • Identification of key talents, strengths and development opportunities
  • Ongoing Mastermind and Coaching calls
  • Unlimited e-mail availability and ‘just in time’ coaching via phone

Organizations that implement the Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders program begin to witness positive and measurable results quickly.

Long-term results include:

  • Organizational and Team Goal Alignment and Achievement
  • Greater Leadership Effectiveness
  • Increased Team Productivity
  • Higher Motivation and Employee Engagement
  • Improved Interpersonal Relationships
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • Effective Succession Planning
  • Measureable Increase in Return On Investment

Based on client demand, we have designed the Advanced Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders program for graduates of our Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders program. This gives our clients the opportunity to continue their pursuit of mastering leadership effectiveness alongside their peer leaders and improve their success by extending their work with McCauley & Co.. Ask us about designing a Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders program for your high-potential leadership team.
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Leadership Effectiveness Program


Our Leadership Effectiveness Program identifies the core competencies of effective leadership: Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Teamwork, Goal Alignment, and Performance. McCauley & Co. works together with our clients to determine strengths and opportunities, plus specific areas that need to be managed, in your current leaders and high potential candidates. Over the course of this program, we will develop methods for improving managerial techniques, planning and delegating projects, and bringing about conflict resolution within your organization.

  • Determine your leadership style: Deliberate or Reactionary
  • Identify your natural leadership practices and what you need to leverage in order to raise the bar on your effectiveness and success
  • Determine what makes your team tick and how that can work toward everyone’s ultimate success
  • Lead your team to align and deliver more on the group goal
  • Learn how to realign your team when priorities shift
  • Use emotions to “move the game forward”
  • Recover quickly from perceived setbacks
  • Cultivate a rich, rewarding work environment to inspire and engage your team to do their best, every single day
  • Get more accomplished in less time

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