What’s Your Symptom?

“True leadership is measured by what happens when the leader is not around.” Anonymous


As a leader, can you relate to one or more of the following scenarios? If so, look to McCauley & Co. for a Leadership Performance Initiative that’s on-target with your goals and custom-fit for your unique requirements.

“Our competitors inside and outside our industry are fiercely headhunting our best and brightest talent. Losing them would hurt us tremendously but we don’t have the time, or sometimes don’t know how to keep them. What could we put in place to attract, develop and keep our best talent?”

“I believe our leadership team has the right stuff, however our approach to grooming them has been sink or swim.  How can we honestly develop our managers and leaders while still expecting them to perform their best, every day? Reach a level of performance that makes the most efficient use of everyone’s strengths?”

“Our performance objectives are always getting tougher and as a leader I’m under intense pressure to deliver. But I’m so close to the issues that it’s difficult to stay objective and it’s easier to just do more of it myself. Of course that creates another monster; dullness and burnout. I believe an expert outside perspective, honest feedback and perhaps a  fresh look at our game plan would help me be more effective with my team and more engaged in my role.”

“It’s lonely at the top. Who can I confide in without jeopardizing confidentiality, confidence and trust?  The company relies on me to maintain confidentiality and my people expect that I remain supremely confident in order to feel like they are in good hands following the right leader. I’d like an expert, experienced coach from outside our firm, to provide me a forum to explore ideas, vent frustrations, evoke the best from my team and deliver our performance goals.”

“Identifying leadership successors too soon feels risky and too late is deadly. It seems like there’s never enough time to develop a bulletproof succession plan and to be honest, I’m not sure we know where to start. I rely too heavily on my current team to figure things out. Yet deep down I know that something more formal is required to gracefully usher  them and our organization into the next generation.”

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