Client Quotes

"I know I am a committed caring person but there are times when in my role I feel ineffective, lacking or at worse, fraudulent. I thank Kelli for the gift of her guidance and scientific feedback that will help me capitalize on strengths,improve things that hold myself and others back, and be the best version of myself as a leader. It cannot be done alone if you are earnest in your desire to lead and inspire"

Jason Taylor Financial Advisor, Independence PlanningGroup

"McCauley and Co. helped us clear the way for our own success. The group interaction allowed for very specific & relevant coaching."

Amy Salo Vice President, Wealth Advisory Group, LLC

"thanks for the work you have done, and insight you have facilitated in myself and the other members of our group.
I have made situational adjustments in my leadership style when working with my peers, direct reports and Jay as a result of the concepts and coaching you gave me. Adjustments I otherwise might not have had the tools to deliver!
I know our time in the Blueprint program is coming to close with just two sessions left. Thanks for all you do! It is making a difference! Keep in touch!
The Best is yet to be!"

D. Duane Bartlett Managing Partner, New England Financial

" a fairly new, but ambitious Managing Associate, The Blueprint High Performing Leaders program has been extremely valuable in helping me to develop my management skills, as well as to assist my agents in achieving their full potential.
I hope that there continues to be a commitment to this program [..] that focus[es] on our development as aspiring leaders within the Enterprise."

Eric Spindt, CFP Managing Associate/Senior Financial Planner Strategic Financial Partners

"The Blueprint has been of value by allowing me to see how my direct reports see me and my leadership ability. The leadership style work we have done is helping me to take my efforts to the next level.

The best way for me to put this is to say that I now have 2 recruits entering their second year that I changed styles with purposefully, to precipitate change in their behavior. They have made quantam leaps in the past 6 months, and I believe even as short as one year ago, these are reps that I would have lost.

I have also gleaned much from the group calls and the professional network the program has established. Getting to work with great managers in the country allows me to see the things they are doing that work. Working with them also provides a sounding board for ideas that I have.

Finally, the one-on-one calls with Kelli and with my managing partner have been great. Kelli is a great facilitator of idea exchange, and she challenges me by asking the motivation I have behind my ideas and also by pressing me to stick to what I say I will do.

Overall, the program has been great, and I am very appreciative of the investment that has been put into me. I believe the investment is already paying dividends."

Jerry Corless, CFP Managing Partner Strategic Financial Partners

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"Great insight on how we are being perceived by those we are leading and the tools to make the necessary changes"

Next Generation Masters Participant Guardian Life Insurance – NYC – 2012

"Definitely not your ordinary training program. You’ll gain immediate feedback about yourself, your relationships, and organization that you can implement right away to make your results, relationships and life better"

Tim Schafer Lucindo Morris & Associates

"One of the most inspiring, encouraging 3 days I’ve spent. Kelli & Janice gave us a gift by allowing us to be ourselves, express our thoughts, concerns & frustrations and work together to make positive changes."

Joe Sciabica Wealth Advisory Group

"I wanted to thank you for your great presentation this week during our national meeting. I got excellent feedback from our participants and your session will surely be of great help going forward."

Nick Paleos, B.A.A., RHU Leadership development manager, Freedom 55 Financial

"The program has been terrific. If anything, I think the Managing Partners should go through it WITH the Managing Associates.
Kelli McCauley is strong. She has been very helpful to me and an absolute pleasure to work with. She can help this company retain and develop managers."

Leo Alessi Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders Participant

"If you are serious about getting to the next level in whatever you do then the knowledge and training you receive from McCauley & Co is a must!"

Christopher B. Roussel Career Development Advisor – The Producers Group

"My time spent at next generation masters was completely well spent. The high energy and self-awareness was priceless. Thank you!"

Samantha Clark Vice President Career Development – Aliiance Advisiory Group

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"Kelli and Janice provide an absolutely unique experience to help professionals develop personally and professionally."

Next Generation Masters Participant Guardian Life Insurance – NYC – 2012

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"The program has definitely been a terrific supplemental source for him (the employee) to become a more effective future GA. We definitely feel the training program has made not only a positive impact on J.S. but on our agency as a whole"

Thomas Ciardella General Agent, Certified Financial Services

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Jerry Harnik"J.P. has started to actively recruit (something he used to feel was not his responsibility), and he has demonstrated great vision, a focus on getting his people to the next level, and a new energy towards increased manpower. I do not believe these things would have taken place without the coaching of Kelli McCauley."

Jerry Harnik President, Rosbruch/Harnik Agency

"My key accomplishments to date have been to significantly increase production and attention to the newer people in our organization. Kelli McCauley's knowledge of Guardian, the business and her overall accessibility has been extremely helpful to me."

Paul E. Karlitz Executive Vice President, Wealth Advisory Group

"Every company has mission and vision statements, but the tough part is keeping those statements connected to the people who work day to day representing the firm and those statements. McCauley & Co. helped us reinforce our vision in a meaningful way and tie it to important initiatives using an engaging, participative, high-energy approach that brought out our team's creativity and extraordinary effort. We’ve formally launched these initiatives across our entire agency, with positive feedback from all, including producers who are anticipating additional competitive advantage from our leadership team’s focused work. An unexpected surprise was gaining an entire segment of our staff who are engaging in an entirely new and enthusiastic way. McCauley & Co.'s impact is undeniable."

Russ VanderSteeg CLU Managing Partner New England Securities Strategic Financial Parnters

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"Blueprint for High Performing Leaders has caused us to pay attention everyday to our performance as leaders and the effect it has on the organizational climate. Many of our FR's have experienced significant vertical growth and have become more productive. Our life and disability sales are up more than 25% in our Bethesda office. We think NGM should be a staple for top second-line managers."

John Dixon Lloyd Polmateer, Co-Presidents, First Financial Group

"I can honestly say that I have learned more about good management skills from Kelli in the last 6 months than in my prior 16 years of learn-as-you-go and go-with-your-gut training. Furthermore, the regular one-on-one and small group phone conferences help keep the Blueprint training "in-use" as opposed to something that I do for a while and then stop."

Robert C. Kievit SVP, International Planning Alliance, LLC

"The results to date which are attributed to the program are that my young FR's have an increase of production up about 10%. I believe this is due to using some of the coaching techniques from the program. In the 13 years that I have been in management in this industry, I believe this program is the best development program that I have been through."

Kevin Winder Sales Manager, Alliance Advisory Group

"There is no doubt in my mind that as a result of this program, our recruiting and production has increased. Blueprint for High Performing Leaders has improved both myself and my agency from the get go."

Jeffrey Slevin Associate GA, Certified Financial Services

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Lyle Domenitz"NGM and Kelli McCauley were instrumental with the production growth that we have seen in our agency. More effective communication and time management has resulted in spending more time and energy with those with the greatest potential. This is evidenced by the quick start that our new FR's have had this year and the growth of our Leader's Club qualifiers. My pipeline of quality referrals is fuller than ever before."

Lyle Domenitz GA, Wealth Strategies Group

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"My key accomplishments to date have been to significantly increase production in our firm and pay more attention to the newer people in our organization. Kelli McCauley's knowledge of our business, business and her overall accessibility has been extremely helpful to me."

Executive Vice President

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"By far the overlapping theme was my lack of clarity with my Rep's.
It's amazing the difference in performance after my Reps have a clear understanding of their goals. This information has helped me on the recruiting side as well. I am now able to paint a picture for recruits, which seems to help most when candidates are trying to choose between a competitor and us."


"I wanted to get our multi-state firm aligned and get better vision execution. I heard so many great things about Kelli from industry insiders and people from Guardian, once I really understood the power of her coaching I instantly hired her to help us get our firm aligned to why, what and where we want to go. The results have been better clarity for management, better joint vision for all of us on the management team, stronger accountability and leadership alignment.”

Nash Subotic CEO, Wealth Strategy Partners (Hawaii Office)

“Our partnership with McCauley & Co. has powerfully impacted our most important stakeholders - our Agents, Sales Managers, General Agents and even Home Office team! We get tremendous feedback and measurable results every time we run a program or event with Kelli and her team.”

Emily Viner VP Agency Management Development, Guardian

“Kelli has done an exceptional job for GAMA coaching on our 360 leadership assessment. She provides this coaching as part of our Essentials of Leadership & Management program. She also worked with us on a special project for one of our member companies who used our organizational climate assessment. The company, and even more importantly, the agency leaders she worked with gave her rave reviews.

One of the key strengths with McCauley & Co. is that they can integrate competency, leadership style, and emotional intelligence assessments into performance coaching. There are many companies strong in performance coaching, but without the experience in the leadership/interpersonal component and others with assessment knowledge, but without agency performance experience. I’ve found very few who can do both. With Kelli’s team, you get the whole package.”

Debra L. Grommons Chief of Staff, GAMA International

“Kelli McCauley is a driving force for leadership development in the 21st Century. The impact she's making through McCauley & Co. and The Blueprint for High Performing Leaders program provides a fresh approach to leadership, performance and profit!”

Joey Davenport Organizational Consultant, Hoopis Performance Network

"As part of a powerful profitable organization, I was quite skeptical regarding the quantifiable impact outside coaching / consulting could have on our firm. Kelli recognized this quickly and was able to rise to the challenge. Her philosophies and methodologies in coaching were very consistent with our bottom line performance based growth and business plan. She is an “in your face, goal focused, visionary thinker” with a very adaptable style. Her coaching both on a team and individual basis has had a long term impact, on our future development and on my personal goal achievement."

Josh L. Becker Partner, Strategies for Wealth Creation and Protection

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"One of the wisest things I've done to enhance my effectiveness and that of my department was to hire Kelli McCauley. She helps people see their strengths and self-imposed limitations, then helps them unleash their potential. She's made a powerful difference in my life."

Richard A. Horchler, CLU, LLIF Vice President - Career System, National Life Group

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