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Secrets of Success

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Boca Raton Resort and Club to introduce and facilitate a panel of the “best of the best” life insurance and financial planners. Their objective was to share how they achieved the top levels of success within…

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A President’s Message Back-fired

I just sat in on a very inspiring, compelling and dramatic presentation from a brilliant president of a Fortune 100 organization. He has driven his team to deliver incredible sales results over the past 5 years, in spite of some serious distracting situations. I sat…

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Performance Formula

Do you remember the film Apollo 13? I never get tired of watching that movie and am on the edge of my seat, even knowing how it’s going to turn out. The brilliance of the entire team under duress is riveting to me. It’s such…

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Performance Anxiety

I just read the story of the NASA engineer in Houston who took a man’s life and then his own on Friday, April 20; because he had received feedback that indicated his performance was not up to standard. At first I was in disbelief over…

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LAMP 2007 in Toronto

LAMP 2007 in Toronto is a leadership and best practices program for managers and leaders within the insurance industry. Sponsored by GAMA which has upwards of 5000 members, the speakers consisted of both keynote professionals, think ‘Chris Gardner’, the author and leading man in his…

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Extraordinary Service at the Fairmont Copley Hotel in Boston

My fascination with leadership, i.e.: who steps up naturally with purpose and who backs down because they aren’t crowned “the leader”, can turn into pure animosity when I am faced with the latter and in an urgent situation.  I was at the Fairmont Copley Hotel…

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