Kids, Cancer & the Ultimate Mentors…

Here’s What Happens After You say “No” to a Navy SEAL. When Adam La Reau first approached hospitals with his big idea -teach children with cancer rock climbing- he was told “You can’t do that…it’s too dangerous”! Fortunately he did it anyway and 3 years

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Unintended Leadership Drama

Your leadership style can create a high-performance culture or one filled with unintended drama and performance drag, as evidenced by talk show host, Steve Harvey’s, recent scathing and condescending staff memo. Listen in to this solocast, as Kelli dissects where and why, the now infamous

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Diversity & Leadership: What’s Google Got to Do With It?

A firestorm of controversy has been created by a google engineer’s 3300-word anti-diversity memo that included comments like, “Google’s commitment to hiring more women makes our company less competitive.” Google’s employee population, by the way, is 69% male and this mindset against diversity is likely

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Championing Innovation Despite Resistance

Under normal circumstances, most people would agree that innovation-based change is a good thing. It keeps organizations competitive and on the leading edge. So, why is innovation met with such resistance — and, more importantly, what can you, as a high-performing leader, do about it?

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Winning with Women

This podcast is part of our Women in Leadership series. In their recent report, the LeanIN Organization in partnership with McKinsey & Co., found that US companies’ commitment to gender diversity is at an all-time high. But, most organizations are struggling to see results and

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Peristence, Relationships & Taking Risks

This issue of the High Performance Leadership Podcast is about your team. This time around we’re posting a flashback to an episode that ran in November 2011. This is a great time to re-listen to this episode, and we’ll be back on the scene with

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