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Diversity & Leadership: What’s Google Got to Do With It? – McCauley & Co.

Diversity & Leadership: What’s Google Got to Do With It?

A firestorm of controversy has been created by a google engineer’s 3300-word anti-diversity memo that included comments like, “Google’s commitment to hiring more women makes our company less competitive.” Google’s employee population, by the way, is 69% male and this mindset against diversity is likely more common than not. How can we dispel the bias against diversity and show measurable competitive advantage?

Listen in as Kelli speaks with serial entrepreneur and Chief Innovation Officer of Lead Inclusively, Inc., Denise Pirrotti Hummel, J.D.

To find out more information about Denise Pirrotti Hummel and her company, you can visit at

Listen below: 17 minutes, 02 seconds


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