Workshop to Increase Retention of Top Producers, Hosted By Kelli McCauley

In today’s business environment it is more important than ever to retain your top performers. Kelli McCauley will be hosting and facilitating GAMA International’s newest Field Leadership Series workshop, Keeping the Right People, which identifies how field leaders with some of the best retention rates in the industry do just that. Keeping the Right People features the best practices of top-performing field leaders from traditional life, fee-based planning and multi-line companies. This four-call series identifies strategies you can use immediately to:
  • Recognize and proactively address the sequence of events that lead up to departure
  • Provide business and personal support that high performers say directly impacts retention
  • Customize coaching and development to meet top producers’ specific needs and career stage
All participants will receive GAMA’s Keeping the Right People guidebook and access to an online assessment that measures producer satisfaction in 7 key areas of retention. During the program you will create  a customized action plan that you can start applying immediately. Individual and team pricing is available. Keeping the Right People satisfies the requirements of course HS372 for the CLF designation through The American College and qualifies for 8 PACE credits. Call Dates: September 29, 2009 October 20, 2009 November 3, 2009 November 17, 2009 Call Times: 8:00am, PST (11:00am, EST) Calls are 90 minutes each. For more information or to register online, visit (click the “Register Online” link in the yellow box). If you have questions, please contact us at



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