TELESEMINAR: Got Guts? Effective Leadership in a Back-Breaking Economy

MK Performance Group’s Kelli McCauley is offering a complimentary, 55-minute teleseminar on August 19th. Read on for more information… If you’re a financial services manager, supervisor or executive, chances are you’re hearing (and experiencing) much hysteria about the state of the economy and the loss of wealth. To say nothing of the customary regulatory and compliance issues that are your constant companions — the world at large has lost trust in the financial services industry. To add to your challenges, though they are totally shell-shocked, your potential recruits and clients have more options than ever. Talk about a perfect storm! So, what’s a leader to do? Find out in this 55-minute teleseminar with Kelli McCauley, Founding Principal of MK Performance Group. MK Performance Group and its signature program, Blueprint for High-Performing Leaders, is responsible for helping thousands of leaders meet and exceed their goals — especially in times of turmoil. Find out the 4 things that top-level financial leaders are doing now, to position themselves to be ahead of the game and have a considerable lead when consumer confidence and the economy recovers. Date: Wednesday, August 19th Time: 2:00pm, EST (11:00am, PST) Cost: Complementary Call-in: 785-686-1258 Passcode: 405772# Be sure to invite your colleagues and we’ll “see” you on the call!