Refilling Your Well

It’s probably not hard to believe, yet should be noted, that one of the biggest challenges I have in working with high performing leaders is to get them to carve out time for themselves in a world where there never seems to be enough time. Our clients’ worlds are overrun with an abundance of work pressures, professional demands and their family responsibilities. Carving out time to refill the well seems impossible and feels like professional suicide to some. Sound familiar?

But really, if you aren’t refilling your well, how can you possibly sustain the type of performance you are demanding of yourself? How can you generously give your attention and guidance to the ones you are working so hard to groom, if you are burned to a crisp?

I continually witness clients delivering superhuman results, but have heard too many stories about hospitals filled with people who didn’t take a break until it was forced on them. I’d much rather hear you went on vacation with your loved ones, than learn a break was forced on you for health reasons. No one has EVER shared with me that they went out of business because they took a vacation, got a massage in the middle of the week or went to a movie on a whim because they love movies.

So really I’m curious, what are you consistently doing that refills your well? That has you come back to work fresh and with renewed passion for your role leading others to success? Me, I’m on my way to Hawaii for a week after Easter!



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