Fraud: Is the Tone from Your Top Leadership Deterring or Accelerating It?

I’m so excited to share that I’m now the host of “The Director’s Cut”, the official podcast for the Corporate Director’s Forum. We will be sharing new episodes of “The Director’s Cut” via my blog and social media platforms. Here’s the first one…

What is the Board of Directors role in detecting and deterring fraud? Whether you’re on a Board or in any leadership position in an organization, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. It’s not just large corporations like Theranos and Volkswagen that have to be concerned about fraud — it’s ANY organization because fraud can happen anywhere. Listen in as I chat with Mary Bennett, Vice President, Advisory Services at NAVEX Global, about concepts like “tone at the top”, ways to spot fraud in your organization and the best strategies for keeping fraud and its associated penalties top-of-mind.

Mary Bennett, R.Ph., is Vice President, Advisory Services at NAVEX Global, a company focused on managing risk and creating healthy cultures of integrity.

You can find out more about NAVEX Global here:

Listen below. – 26 minutes, 39 seconds



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