The Brand Called You

This podcast is part of our Women in Leadership series.

The old advice of putting your head down, working hard and waiting to be acknowledged is terrible advice!

Yes, you have to do good work, but if you don't have a clear way of a) getting the ideas that live in your head out into the world and b) making sure your team's hard work gets the visibility it deserves — you're playing a losing game.

Brand-building isn't solely for businesses. It's imperative that you build the brand called you within your organization – and that starts and ends with getting ideas out of your head and into execution and making sure the results from that execution don't go unnoticed.

Listen in as Kelli interviews mentor, builder, change-agent and innovator, Amanda Clardy, about how to do all of those things (and more) — in a way that doesn't make you cringe.

Find out more about Amanda Clardy and CEO Ascent here:

Listening time: 19 minutes, 13 seconds



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